Is Francine Hughes still alive?

Is Francine Hughes still alive?

Deceased (1947–2017)Francine Hughes/Living or Deceased

How did Francine Hughes Die?

PneumoniaFrancine Hughes/Cause of deathHughes, who used the last name Wilson after marrying Robert Wilson in 1980, died on March 22 in Sheffield, Ala. She was 69. The cause was complications of pneumonia, her son Jim said.

When did Francine Hughes Die?

22 March 2017Francine Hughes/Date of death

Where did the burning bed take place?

Dansville, MichiganThe plot follows Hughes' trial for the murder of her husband, James Berlin "Mickey" Hughes, following her setting fire to the bed he was sleeping in at their Dansville, Michigan home on March 9, 1977, and thirteen years of physical domestic abuse at his hands.