What are interrogatories in a divorce?

What are interrogatories in a divorce?

Interrogatories are sent during the discovery phase of your Divorce or Parentage Case. They are written questions from the other spouse or parent. If you have received Interrogatories, you have twenty-eight days to either object or respond and prepare your written answers.

What are discovery questions in a divorce?

In a divorce action, “discovery” typically consists of written interrogatories (written questions), demand for production of documents and depositions (testimony under oath). Either party can send interrogatories to the other party to obtain relevant information.

Can you refuse to answer interrogatories?

If you are unable to answer an interrogatory because it is too vague, ambiguous, or somehow objectionable, you can state an objection and the reason for your objection. You must then answer to the extent the interrogatory is not objectionable.

What are interrogatories in child custody?

Written Interrogatories – Interrogatories are when you answer specific questions about the case to support your custody case, and you will sign your answers before a notary. You may have to review some of your documents in order to answer some of the questions.