What does fait mean?

What does fait mean?

a legal deed, writing, or fact: a legal deed, writing, or fact.

What is a fait accompli?

Fait accompli, a French phrase commonly used to describe an action which is completed before those affected by it are in a position to query or reverse it. fait accompli, the blog of Nick Piombino.

Is fait accompli Latin?

Example: Morris was disappointed, but his lost in the election was a fait accompli. Originating from Latin, the phrase “Ipso facto” is used as an adverb which means “because of that fact” or “by the fact itself.”

How do you use fait accompli in a sentence?

Sky is a fait accompli, and a successful one. I imagine we should now accept as a fait accompli our having commercial television in this country. I do not want us to be presented with a fait accompli through a written answer. I am reflecting on the consequences of a fait accompli.