Who is the girl in mushroomhead We are the truth?

Who is the girl in mushroomhead We are the truth?

MUSHROOMHEAD has released a brand new, terrifying, cinema-quality music video for the alternate version of the track "We Are The Truth", taken from the band's most recent album, "The Righteous & The Butterfly". The track and video feature Jackie Laponza of UNSAID FATE on guest vocals.

Who is Jackie LaPonza?

Jackie LaPonza. Jackie LaPonza is an actor, known for Mushroomhead: Out of My Mind (2014).

Is Stitch still in Mushroomhead?

He will never sing in Mushroomhead again. He made 16k last year with the band… while “Mushroomhead” made 250,000 dollars off merch alone. The band Mushroomhead has yet to release an official statement, however Stitch has stated that the band will release a statement of their own “very soon”.

Why did Jeffrey leave Mushroomhead?

It was an amazing adventure!" Jeff Hatrix, known as Jeffrey Nothing, the vocalist and co-founder of Mushroomhead, has announced his departure from the band. In 2015, vocalist Waylon Reavis left the band citing irreconcilable differences for his departure.