Who was Harry Belafonte first wife?

Who was Harry Belafonte first wife?

Marguerite ByrdBelafonte and Marguerite Byrd were married from 1948 to 1957. They have two daughters: Adrienne and Shari.

Is Harry Belafonte biracial?

Harry Belafonte, singer, actor and political activist, turns 90 today. Born March 1, 1927, the Harlem-born Harold George Bellanfanti, Jr. was the child of biracial parents. His mother had Jamaican and white roots; his father was of Jewish and Martinique ancestry.

Was Harry Belafonte married?

Harry Belafonte/Spouse

What obstacle did Harry Belafonte face?

Harry Belafonte struggled with poverty and turbulent family life as a child. His professional career took off with the musical Carmen Jones, and soon he was burning up the charts with hits like "The Banana Boat Song (Day-O)" and "Jump in the Line."