Why is marriage a predictable life event?

Why is marriage a predictable life event?

Marriage: This is seen as predictable life event, throughout the development of adulthood. Marriage is a commitment and along with this commitment partners tend to give in to each other's lifestyles. In this case Tyler Perry is predicted to marry his partner and this can influence his physical development.

What is the meaning of life event?

Definition. Life events have been defined as a social experience or change with a specific onset and course that has a psychological impact on the individual [7]. Some common examples of life events include parental divorce or separation, school change, house relocations, and bereavement.

What are critical life events?

an event in life that requires major adjustment and adaptive behavior. Such events may be regarded in retrospect as unusually formative or pivotal in shaping attitudes and beliefs. Common critical life events include the death of a loved one, divorce, and unemployment.