What is a spousal waiver?

What is a spousal waiver?

A Member’s spouse uses the Spousal Waiver Form to waive his/her legal right to pension benefits after the Member’s death. If the Member wishes to select a form of pension that doesn’t provide income to his spouse after the Member dies, then the spouse must complete this form prior to the Member’s retirement.

Should I sign a waiver of service for divorce?

If you are in agreement and you are comfortable, then signing a waiver of service is okay. The only other option is being served by a process server or constable. If you chose the latter route, then you would need to sign off on the proposed decree or appear in court.

What does waiver divorce mean?

A Waiver of Service is sometimes called a Waiver of Citation. In an agreed or uncontested divorce, it is assumed that the spouse agrees to sign the waiver of service. If they do not, you may not have an uncontested divorce. In that case it would be necessary to serve the spouse via a Process Server.