Do I have to report divorce to immigration?

Do I have to report divorce to immigration?

In such a case, you must report the divorce to the Immigration Bureau, and if you do not change your status of residence within a certain period, you may lose it. For example, a permanent resident can get a divorce with no change of status of residence.

Can you be deported while applying for a green card?

If you spend that wait living in the U.S. unlawfully, you can ruin your chances of getting a green card anytime soon. In the meantime, you risk being caught by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and deported.

How do illegal immigrants get divorced?

Divorcing an undocumented immigrant is essentially the same as ending a marriage with an American citizen. Your attorney will file the same documents initiating the divorce action. Again, you have the choice of stating a reason for the dissolution of marriage – or merely citing irreconcilable differences.

Can a green card holder be deported after divorce?

While divorce means the end of a marriage, it could also result in revocation of permanent residence—and even deportation from the United States. According to U.S. immigration laws, an immigrant who is part of a legitimate marriage can qualify for a green card.