How is back child support determined?

How is back child support determined?

How are Back Child Support Payments Collected? A parent who is owed back child support because the other parent has refused to pay the support may ask a court to garnish the other parent's wages. The court can then order the other parent's employer to deduct wages so the wages can be used to pay back support.

Can you leave the country if you owe child support Australia?

If you have a child support debt, even if you believe it isn't fair or properly calculated, you can be stopped from travelling outside of Australia. These will be made where there is a debt owing and there have been no attempts to pay it.

What happens if you lie about child support?

Hiding or lying about your income This is one of the simplest ways to make a judge angry – and you can be held in contempt of court. Plus, you will wind up owing back-pay (child support arrears) and the rate of back pay interest is a whopping 10% – made payable to the child support recipient.